Here’s a little bit about me… I’ve been doing this for a long time…over 40 years to be exact.
My belief is that it’s not the equipment you use, but how you use it and just because you have an camera it doesn’t make you a photographer.

I started doing this in elementary school using claymation and short films. In Junior High or (Middle school as its called today) art, painting, & sculpting was my outlet. In high school, photography and I married and we’ve been together ever since.

The only reason I joined the Navy was to become a photographer, not only that, the Air Force recruiter’s office was closed when I stopped by. I declined pursuing becoming a commissioned officer in order to pursue my dreams as a Navy photographer and for 21 years, that’s what I did.
I once crashed landed in a helicopter after an aerial photo assignment. Flew in a plane with a pilot who was afraid of heights (that’s what they told me) and have been sea sick I don’t know how many times.

My favorite thing about photography is forever capturing that frozen moment in time or revealing the authenticity of a person or group of people in a photo. Connecting with the audience with a timeless image is what its all about.

I use photography to raise people’s awareness of the world around them or to show them something within their daily lives that they’ve overlooked. Today, most of my work is dedicated to community activism and charitable causes but my real passion is doing model portfolios or environmental portraits.

As you surf around this site, I hope you enjoy this photographic journey as much as I have in creating it and should an image catch your eye or your story need to be told, feel free to contact me to discuss assignment options.


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