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It had been over 50 years since there had been a championship team in Cleveland.  Sure we've had our chances at going to the big dance, but each time we somehow managed to lose in the end.  Heartache and sports went hand and hand in the city.  Even when we finally made it and the city was buzzing once again, there was that twinge lingering around...that small shadow of doubt.   It was if either way the game went, we were expecting the outcome.  Fortunately, for us, victory was on our side.
That game seven victory was historic in so many ways, but the most significant was the Cavs came back from a 3-1 deficit, something that had never been done in NBA history.  But hey, its Cleveland, what could you expect.  Not only that, we repaid them for last year and won on their home court.  Something that makes the victory that much sweeter.

When they won that Sunday night, I knew I had to be in the city to join in the celebrations.  So Tuesday afternoon, I left work and made the six hour drive to Cleveland.  That next day, like so many fans, I got up early hopped on the train and made my way downtown.  Walking around it was hard to believe that over 1 million people eventually made there way down to see the parade and join in the celebration.  After a day of partying, I took the train back to the east side hopped in my car and took the journey back home, still hyped about the fact that once again I became a part of history.

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