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Think back to an early childhood friendship and all the dreams you shared. Together you would conquer the world, go to the same college, or join the military together, open a business together, or perhaps share in each others wedding. Then life happens. Family moves, school changes, often we simply grow apart and move on with our lives. The next thing you know 40 years have gone by.

There are two times in which lasting friendships matter. The first is growing together-not in an actual sense, but experiencing life together. Being there for one another from teenage crushes; college; weddings; childbirth; and through the trials and tribulations of each ones personal journey.

The second is reconnecting with that friend, reliving those childhood memories, talking about the trials and tribulations we’ve faced independently. You talk of your journey and how life has brought you to this point. In either case, it feels good to sit down, relax, and laugh about life together….


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