Living with Dialysis part 2

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Pick any hour of the night while you are settled in bed about to hit a deep sleep. Suddenly the beeping of an alarm wakes you up. Repeat that three, four, or more times throughout the night and you will know what its like living with in home dialysis. As the baby tosses and turns throughout the night, the hoses become twisted or tangled setting off the machines. There are times when the alarm is from the dialysis machine, other times is from her feeding machine. The worst is when you are awakened by screams in the night, followed by intense crying. As you rush into the room to see what’s going on, you notice the child is in the middle of a night terror and you must pick her up and ease her troubled mind while gently rocking her back to sleep.

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Some could say its like having a newborn in the house and adjusting to their sleep schedule, but this is so very different. With this illness, there is no adjust the sleep pattern, just like there is no put her in the bed with you. It is simply a matter of get up and go fix whatever is wrong. If, by chance, there is a time when no alarms go off and she sleeps all night, there is no “sleeping late” for you, because you will be awakened to the sound of “NANA time to unhook me” or “Can you turn on the TV so I can watch cartoons”, but if you’re really lucky, you just might hear her say ”I wanna go lay down in your bed”...

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you just might hear her say ”I wanna go lay down in your bed”...

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