The Road Less Traveled

VIrginia Barn

Welcome...By now you have made your way around the website and have seen my work.  As I continue to refine the direction I take with my photography and this website, the next step is joining the world of blogging.

I tend to let each photo speak for itself, but really that's just half the story and it was said to me that "you must tell the whole story".  My vision with this blog will be to do just that.  I will tell the story with words and pictures.  

I don't know know what the direction will be, but I do know some of the images will provoke thought, trigger emotions, and may cause controversy.  The worlds will be pure and straight from the heart.  You may or may not agree with what is said or posted, but that's okay. 

If you come away seeing or learning something new, then what its all about. So sit back, relax and enjoy the journey that shall take you off the beaten path and expose you to a world that is easily missed during the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


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