Touring the countryside on a bright sunny summer day, I challenged myself to capture the beauty of black and white...

Where the elements meet.  Here a clear sky makes a perfect canvas to capture the textures of wood, the rich blacks of the shadows, and if you look closely you can see the canopy being lifted by a gentle breeze of wind.

The Water Boy.  Looking at this I'm reminded of the Adam Sandler's movie "The Waterboy"  It's nice cool and refreshing.

Feel the cool.  This is true bottled water, chilled in such a way it turned the sky blue.

The Sampler.  What better way to enjoy a nice summer day than to have the tasting brought to you.  Move from the white, rose, to the reds.

Love.  Sometimes you find love in the strangest places.  Once you see it, it will have you in a barrel.

Up close and personal.  Sometimes you just have to move in close to see the details.

Down on the farm.  I think of the images of farms from days gone by and say to myself, they don't build them like they use to.

Sunset on the mountainside.  After a day of venturing throughout the countryside, its time to head back before the sunsets and the pitch black of night covers the land.

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